Revealing Child Abuse Cases in Jakarta

Revealing Child Abuse Cases in Jakarta

Revealing Child Abuse Cases in Jakarta – Several cases of sexual harassment are certainly frequent in these deviant areas. Cases of violence against children continue to occur in the capital city of DKI Jakarta. This week there were at least two cases that caught the public’s attention.

The first case was carried out by a man with the initials S against his 11-year-old nephew. The Cengkareng, West Jakarta Police have arrested a suspect in the case on Wednesday, May 18, 2022.

“We have arrested suspect S because it was reported for an obscenity case,” said Cengkareng Police Chief Kompol Ardhie Demastyo in Jakarta on Wednesday,

1. Cengkareng Police received a report from the victim’s family
According to Ardhie, the arrest was made after the Cengkareng Police received a report from the victim’s family regarding an alleged sexual act on Saturday, May 14, 2022. Furthermore, the police followed up and investigated the report.

The police examined several witnesses and evidence, then arrested perpetrator S without a fight.

“We caught him in Cengkareng after coming home from work on Tuesday, 13 (May),” he said.

2. The incident has been going on since 3 years ago
After S was questioned by the police, Ardhie said that another fact was revealed, namely that S also invited two of his co-workers to sexually assault the 11-year-old child. He said this had been going on for three years.

However, said Ardhie, during that time the victim did not dare to report the perpetrator’s depraved act to his parents. The motive for the sexual assault is not yet known. Currently members of the Cengkareng Police are still hunting for two of S’s colleagues who are suspected of being involved in the evil action.

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3. The molestation of a mentally and physically retarded child
Meanwhile, the second case happened to a 14-year-old child with mental and physical retardation (down syndrome) in the Taman Sari area, West Jakarta. In this regard, the West Jakarta Metro Police have arrested a man with the initials B (48) for allegedly committing an act of sexual abuse against the victim.

“We have arrested the suspect,” said Head of the West Jakarta Police Criminal Investigation Unit AKBP Joko Dwi Harsono to ANTARA, Tuesday.

Joko said that initially his party received the report of the obscenity case on Saturday (14/5/2022). The report states that B is a neighbor of the victim.

The police immediately examined the complainant along with some evidence of sexual abuse. After that, the police immediately arrested B on Sunday, May 15, 2022.

“We arrested the suspect in the Taman Sari area,” he said.

Joko said suspect B did not fight back when he was arrested. After being brought to the West Jakarta Police, the suspect was immediately questioned for further information.