How to Get Money from Youtube


How to Get Money from Youtube – Currently, Youtube has become one of the most popular applications in the world. With youtube we can listen to songs, watch movies and even with both. But did you know, YouTube can also be used as a place to make money. Then how to get money? Here’s how to earn money from Youtube.

1. Keyword Research
Keyword research is an important step in how to make money from YouTube. The reason is so that you can create content that people are really looking for.

You can do keyword research for YouTube using Google Trends. It’s the same way when you do keyword research for a blog or website. The difference is that you need to change the search category to YouTube Search as below:

Keyword Research as a Way to Make Money from YouTube.
Apart from that, you can also take advantage of YouTube search predictions. When you enter keywords in the search field, YouTube will provide various keyword predictions. For example, below I searched for keywords to create a website and YouTube gave predictions from creating a website with WordPress, creating a free website, to creating a website with HTML.

2. Create a High Retention Video
Maybe the term high retention video is still quite foreign to most people. What is meant by high retention video is the average percentage of videos watched. For example, let’s say you upload a video that is 10 minutes long and the average person only watches that video for 5 minutes. This means your video retention rate is 50 percent.

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YouTube certainly prioritizes high-retention videos because it makes people spend more time on the platform. The higher your video retention average, the more likely it will appear at the top of YouTube search results.

As long as you create videos that are engaging, quality, and relevant to the needs of your audience, your videos have the potential to achieve high retention rates.

3. Know YouTube Ranking Factors
If in Google search results you compete with thousands of other websites or blogs, on YouTube you will compete with hundreds or even thousands of other channels. The hope is of course that your videos always appear at the top of the search results for related keywords.

Here are some factors that determine the ranking of videos on YouTube:

Number of Comments

You can get around this by asking viewers to leave questions or ideas for future videos. That way viewers are encouraged to comment on your video.