Best Podcast Apps

Best Podcast Apps – Nowadays, there are many people who like podcasts. Podcast is one of the conversations that will be discussed from the horror, romantic or friendship genres. Here are the best podcast apps

1. Spotify
Who doesn’t know Spotify? Maybe, this application is already installed on your smartphone and is used every day. In addition to music, Spotify provides a curated selection of podcasts. You can listen to podcasts live (streaming) or download them and listen to them anytime without the need for an internet connection. To download, all you need is a good internet network and enough storage space.

What are the most listened podcast recommendations in Indonesia? For fans of mystery and horror topics, try listening to the Kliwon Night Podcast or the Journalrisa Podcastery. Meanwhile, if you want to enrich your perspective on life, the Be Human podcast might be for you.

Best Podcast Apps

2. Castbox
Moving on to Castbox, this is a podcast company founded in 2016. Having offices in Hong Kong and San Francisco, Castbox provides and produces its own podcasts.

The advantage of Castbox is that it can be listened to on various platforms. Not only Android and iOS, but also PC websites, Amazon Echo, Apple CarPlay, Apple Watch, to progressive web app (PWA).

On the official website, Castbox updates the most listened to podcasts every week. Last week’s highlights were The Joe Rogan Experience, Last Podcast On The Left, Crime Junkie, and Stuff You Should Know.

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3. Stitcher
You could say, Stitcher is a pioneer in the podcast world because it was founded in 2007. Available on Android and iOS, you can enjoy podcasts for free and can be upgraded to premium by paying 4.99 US dollars (Rp. 72 thousand) per month.

The advantage of upgrading to premium is that you can listen without the distraction of ads and access original shows. Also, the ability to search for episodes (not just entire podcasts) is a pretty helpful feature.

What are the most popular podcasts on Stitcher? None other than Comedy Bang! Bang!, How Did This Get Made?, and Beautiful Stories from Anonymous People. For Stitcher Originals, the most hits were Wolverine: The Long Night, The Sporkful, and The Longest Shortest Time.

4. Laughable
Tired of the daily routine? You need a fresh intake of comedy to laugh! All of that can be found in the Laughable podcast app, which is available for Android and iOS users.

Podcast hosts on Laughable come from various backgrounds, from comedians, actors, musicians, politicians, athletes, writers, to journalists. FYI, the topic on Laughable is not only about comedy, there are other topics brought up by public figures such as Elon Musk or J.K. Rowling.

Not inferior to Spotify, you can also listen to podcasts offline on Laughable. Download episodes when there’s Wi-Fi so you don’t lose your data plan!