Thrilling Horror Podcast Recommendations

Thrilling Horror Podcast Recommendations – Podcasts are one of the tools commonly used by many people to be able to get information that can make many people know many things that are exaggerated. Podcasts have many genres that we can listen to. Ranging from podcasts containing romance, comedy to horror stories that are true events.

Like the following five podcasts that specifically tell scary experiences that really happened. It is guaranteed that the five podcasts below will succeed in making your hair goosebumps. What do you think?

Thrilling Horror Podcast Recommendations

1. Snapped Judgment Presents: Spooked
Created by WNYC Studio, Spooked is about supernatural experiences that really happened. The carrier is also the party who experienced the incident. Through this podcast we can also send scary stories that have been experienced. However, it must also be proven by photos, videos, audio and eye witnesses. So it is certain that the stories in this podcast are not fiction.

If you really like horror stuff, especially those based on true stories, then this podcast is a must listen to every night. You will definitely feel scared but don’t want to stop when you hear the second episode of this podcast entitled ‘Lost in Time’.

2. Let’s Not Meet
Some people in this world must have experienced encounters with beings from other worlds. This podcast discusses a similar incident. Those who have experienced such frightening events will tell their stories in this podcast and hope to never meet that ghost or person again.

Lots of scary stories but too exciting to pass up in this podcast. Starting from a scary truck driver who suddenly runs towards the highway to a mysterious figure at a night party. Not all of the stories in this podcast are related to the supernatural, but they’re still scary to watch.

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3. Small Town Murder
Small Town Murder combines elements of comedy as well as horror in its podcast. Although at the beginning you will be made to laugh, over time the atmosphere will change when you get to the core of the story. This podcast is about a murder incident in a small town that tends to be isolated.

The two podcast hosts succeeded in changing the atmosphere from what was initially tense to funny, and vice versa. If you really like horror but are cowardly enough to listen to horror stories mixed with gore, then this podcast is for you.

4. Monsters Among Us
This podcast tells about sightings that have been experienced by its listeners. If you’ve ever seen an apparition whether it’s a ghost or other strange creature, you can tell it through the official website provided. Who knows, your experience could turn into an episode in this podcast.

There are many sighting stories in this podcast. Ranging from ghosts, doppelgangers to mythical creatures like Bigfoot. There are also many stories about scary creatures which until now have not been confirmed. But for sure, there is always someone watching you from the dark.